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fossil gorge

November 2008

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November 2nd, 2008

kids sleeping

stitchwitch_d in families_united

This makes me want to hurt someone, throw up, or both.

Last December, Michelle Kehoe was driving down North Dubuque street, and managed to end up in the Iowa River. She claimed she'd been distracted by her children. They were rescued.
Apparently, no one really thought much of it at the time, but in retrospect, it seems pretty suspicious. Thinking about it, the only explainations I can come up with are that she either was so easily distracted or incompetent that she was not safe to drive a car with young children, or that she had deliberately driven into the river in an attempt to kill her children and possibly herself while making it look like an accident.
Either possibility would seem to warrant DHS follow-up, and some kind of psychological evaluation. But that didn't happen.
Instead, Michelle plotted to fake her children's kidnapping and murder, without facing any suspicion from anyone. She wrote the first draft of the kidnapping note a month before she followed through on it, killing 2 year old Seth, and injuring his older brother. She also made some kind of attempt to make it look like she'd been attacked.
I'm just trying to figure out why the warning signs had gone unnoticed by everyone.
Oh, and remember that this is the same town where just 7 months ago, a man was facing felony embezzlement charges after years of lies and deceptions, but no one thought to question his overall mental state until after he'd killed his wife, his children, and then himself.
So, how many kids will die before Johnson County DHS realizes that when a parent does something crazy enough to make the news, maybe there should be some investigation into the children's safety, and some kind of follow-up? Oh, but that might deter from their major purpose for existence: to get parent's rights terminated so adoptable children can be put into "forever" families.