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fossil gorge

November 2008

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Devonian Fossil Gorge

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Survey for birth parents

Copied from Birth-First Parent Blog:
"The Surrender Survey Project is for parents (mother and fathers) who have voluntarily relinquished and/or had their rights (involuntarily) terminated. And so, in that way, it is all inclusive. More over, the questions pertain to both parents in closed and open adoption, not just one or the other. I know that there are some things that try to exclude one group or the other but this survey acknowledges both. In fact, this survey's success depends on answers from both closed and open adoption birth parents.

Of special note: for parents that have relinquished more than one child, you are asked to take it once for each child relinquished. (Meaning, if you have placed two children, please take the survey twice, answering specifics for each individual child on each individual survey attempt.)"
It's a step in the right direction! What I would REALLY like to see (or help do) is a study comparing TPR'd parents with RU'd parents with parents who had CPS involvement but whose kids were not put in foster care, to see what the differences are, looking at everything the major/obvious (race, income) to the minor/seemingly trivial (musical tastes, favorite color, home town). Then have all the data analyzed by people who have some common sense, with the goal of figuring out how to avoid foster care or speed TPR if it can't be avoided. I'd be afraid of how some child abuse experts would interpret the data (ie, "Living more than 100 miles from the parents' home town is a risk-factor for children being put in foster care, thus we should investigate all parents who live more than 100 miles from their hometown and put their children in foster care before they are abused!") Honestly, after seeing the story on CNN about the baby and the microwave (don't Google it, I didn't put a link because you don't want to read it, if you do anyhow, don't come crying to me for brain bleach.), I wouldn't be surprised if some child protection advocate made a case for requiring microwaves to have a safety device to prevent anything like that from happening again- hey, it requires less thought than figuring out how to convince all moms that it's a bad idea to get really drunk and fight with their boyfriend while taking care of their baby.
I'd also love to see an interdisciplinary think-tank brainstorming on how to prevent child abuse. Not just the usual suspects, like social workers and psychologists, but professionals including primateologists, economists, evolutionary behaviorists, historians and anyone else whose specialty might give a new perspective on the subject, as well as adults who were abused as children, foster parents, and parents who have been accused of child abuse. 
If our culture was willing to put the same kind of money, thought and energy into preventing child abuse and helping parents be good parents as we put into the Superbowl, this world would be a better place.



my thoughts and my words

well, let me start by thanking you for all of your care's and concerns, about children and the system i too have lost a dauther to cps, i didnt give her up,didnt get her back eaither,any how im okay with it today, what i tell myself and evry one else, that have lost there children to the system for one reason or another, no matter what that reason might be, is that,always keep telling yorself that shes in a good home,"Julia Maria", ya, thats her name, ya she's in a good home ,keep saying to yourself "they cant keep her away for ever",
sooner or later she'll start asking who am i ,or where ,or why ,i didntr get her back,she wont stay little for ever, she'll come looking for me, ya one day,i know this for a fact. so all you parent that are stuggeling with this same sittuation, dont worry, make something of your self so that when it's time to answer question ,you'll be ready, and wont be in the same sittuation as when they adopted out your children..god bless....much respect....sacport1